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Indigo Fox Media offers professional audio and video recording, composing, and post-production services for musicians and ensembles of all sizes.  Clients include: The Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, Parlance Chamber Concerts, Ridgewood Concert Band, and the Chesapeake Chamber Music Festival.  Also, members of the NJ Symphony Orchestra, Metropolitan Opera and NY Philharmonic.  Compositional and post-production clients include National Geographic, Discovery Channel, CBS and more.


This Month:

This week, Darryl will be performing theremin in THE LITTLE MERMAID by Lera Auerbach with the Kennedy Center Opera Orchestra and the Hamburg Ballet. The performances start on March 28th and run through April 2nd. Check out the Kennedy Center website for details and ticket information. For more on Darryl's work as a thereminist, as well as information on the instrument, click over to